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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cloth Diaper sale this weekend 10% off

I will be at our Murfreesboro location within the Kids Trading Co. 490 St. Andrews Drive #103 Murfreesboro, TN 37128 this Saturday 11/28/09 from 9am-12pm. I will be offering 10% off your cloth diaper purchase during this time, each purchase will also be entered for a prize drawing.

Stop by and say hello, ask your cloth diapering questions, see our new products, shop, save and possibly win!

Cloth diapers in Middle Tennessee has never been easier or more fun!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 13, 2009

New Products in!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say that the Grandma El's products are in as well as our organic prefolds, and washcloths / wipes from Precious Dignity.

These are both USA products I am proud to say. The Precious Dignity products are made of USA grown cotton and sewn in OH. We will now carry their organic velour prefolds, organic wash cloths/wipes, and organic hooded towel sets.

I will try to control my rant, but I do have to rant a bit... WHY is almost everything we buy made in another county? Why are we feeding other economies instead of our own? While running my babies wash I started looking at the labels. Most infant brands are made in China. Why? I am becoming more and more aware of the products I buy and make a true effort to buy American made when possible.

When I was researching prefold diapers and deciding which to carry through Green Pixie Baby. I knew that I would not buy prefolds made in another country, but didn't realize that most prefolds even if "sewn" in the USA are made of cotton grown in another country. Most are grown and sewn in Pakistan or China. Who regulates what chemicals they use on the crops? Who regulates what chemicals they use in bleaching and processing of the cotton? I couldn't sell products that I did not feel 100% safe to use on my own child. When I found Precious Dignity I knew that I had found the perfect prefold! All of their products are made of USA grown organic cotton, sewn in their shop in OH by local woman earning a fair living. Supporting their and OUR economy. Yes I am very proud to carry Precious Dignity products. Now you will notice that they are higher in cost than the products made in other countries, but they are also higher in quality. When it comes to our babies do we really want to buy cheap without concern of health? Health is the main reason to cloth diaper.

If you use prefolds I highly recommend that you try the organic velour prefolds by Precious Dignity. They make great burp cloths, and can be used as doublers for nightime and naptime with your favorite all in one diaper as well.

I'd like to hear your feedback once you've tried them. OHHH and they offer a lifetime warranty for repairs! Amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend, and buy American when available.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cloth Diapering in Tennessee

I am so very excited about the progress cloth diapers are making in TN! When I started cloth diapering there was limited availability in retail locations in TN. Green Pixie Baby (our family business) now has two locations, one in Franklin at The Loft at Henpeck Market, and one in Murfreesboro at The Kids Trading Co. I currently have two local competitors and each either just recently or soon will be opening retail locations as well. That pleases me to no end. The more the merrier. My goal in this business is cloth diaper advocasy. I want more babies in real diapers. No more toxin filled paper diapers for babies, our babies deserve better! Our planet needs better!

So please if you have a baby or are expecting a baby do your research, and feel free to call me with any questions. My consultations are always free. I strive to carry USA made products at a reasonable price with bulk discounts available.

If you are already cloth diapering thank you! You are making a differance. We are being the change that is so needed.

With much thanks to my customers and family.

Through God, with God, all things are possible,


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