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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our new baby registry and forum

Our current website does not have the ability to set up a baby registry. SOO I improvised. There are ways around just about anything. It's not great but it works, and gives our customers an option. This link is labeled check baby registries and it will take you to our Ning page. You can see the registries under the Forum section under lastest discussions. This site also allows us to set up a forum for us to use for discussions, and set up events.

Please feel free to join our group and pass along the information to your cloth diapering friends. http://babyregistry.ning.com

Thank you and happy cloth diapering!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cost comparison of cloth vs. disposable

Cost comparison of cloth vs. disposable

Using Cloth Diapers can save you from 44-68% over the cost of disposable diapers. You can end up saving even more if you save your cloth diapers for use on a second or third child.

First let's look at just how many diapers you use in a period of 2½ years. Keep in mind some children take longer to potty train, stretching the diaper years into 3 or even 4. While cloth diapered babies tend to potty train 6 months to a year sooner. Our Lilli is 14 months and has already begun potty training. YAY!!

Disposable diapers:

•An average of 70 diapers a week; baby is changed every 2-3 hours and toddler is changed every 3-4 hours.
•A diapering period of 2½ years or 130 weeks.
•Total of 9,100 diapers changes.

•Disposable diaper costs an average of $0.24 per change.
•$0.24 per change X 70 changes per week = $16.80 per week
•$16.80 per week X 130 weeks per diapering period = Total Cost of Disposable Diapers $2,184.00

Reusable cloth diapers:

Detergent & Additive Expense

•$0.42/Planet detergent = Total Detergent & Additive Expense of $0.42 (per load)
Electricity Expense

•National average per wash cycle is $0.19 X 3 complete wash cycles = Total wash expense = $0.57
•National average per dry cycle is $0.40
•Wash expense = $0.57 + drying expense= $0.40 = Total Electricity Expense of $0.97
Water Expense

•Water cost is $0.20 for 140 gallons = Total Water Expense of $0.20
Loads per Diapering Period

•Wash every 2-3 days = 2 loads per week
•2 loads per week X 130 weeks (diapering period) = 260 Loads per Diapering Period
Total Laundering Expense (We also include all of her laundry in the diaper wash)

•Total Detergent & Additive Expense of $0.42 + Total Electricity Expense of $0.97 + Total Water Expense of $0.20 X 260 Loads per Diapering Period = Total Laundering Expense of $413.40 I think this should actually be less since we do run her clothes in the same washes, and disposable diaper families also wash their baby clothes.... unless they have now invented disposable clothes!

Now add in the cost of purchasing twenty four diapers at an average of $20 each total of $480.

Final comparison:

Even when you factor in laundering your cloth diapers at home, you still save over $1200 using cloth diapers on a single child for a period of two years. Just imagine how much money you can save by re-using those same cloth diapers on other children, or by reselling them when your done with them.

Once again cloth diapers are the best option for today's parents. Save money, save our environment, and save that baby tushie from rough chemical filled disposable diapers!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Heinys Needs Our Help

Green Pixie Baby is located in Franklin, TN and if you prefer to bring your items to us we will be putting together a box of donations to send to Happy Heinys.

Thank you!

Visit the Happy Heinys Website

We have been very saddened to hear that due to the recent earthquakes in Haiti in the Port Au Prince area, a couple of the orphanages we have worked closely with over the last fews years have been completely devastated.
Through the years we have not only sent them diapers and clothing for these babies but also toys and help with food.
When we work with any orphanage in any third world nation we work closely with missionaries who actually travel to the orphanages and personally bring our donations to the babies in need. We opt to work this way because sadly we have found that when attempting to donate directly the goods do not always arrive to the proper place due to the civil unrest of many of these countries.
With this recent devastating series of earthquakes there is already a lot of donations and requests for donations out there. Many are requesting items to be given to the Red Cross which is a wonderful organization and will truly help many people.
Unfortunately those many orphanages are on the outskirts of town and therefore tend to receive less if any help. These orphanages are now in dire need of new/good condition used reusable diapers. By us providing them with reusable diapers we are ensuring that a baby who has just learned to sit in not placed on a toileting pot for 10-12 hours per day in order to prevent messes.
We are also going to take donations of new or good condition used baby clothing and small items. Most often these items we donate are actually brought over in suitcases so we need items that will fit in suitcases.
Again, there is a lot of wonderful support that is heading out that way, people bringing food, water, medicines, and clothing but this is all going to the main population. We need to get diapers and clothing to the orphanages as quickly as possible.
If you would like to make a donation of diapers or baby clothing please send as quickly as possible to:

Happy Heinys
1529 N Cuyamaca St
El Cajon CA 92020
please mark box for donation

If you would like to be so kind as to help out financially so that we can afford to send out more new diapers and new clothing as well as shipping costs and costs of extra luggage for those who are flying out to Haiti. Please send any donations to us through paypal, please be sure to clearly mark the payment in the subject box as Donation for Orphanages in Haiti and select the Personal option for sending the money so there is no extra charges applied.
You can send funds through paypal to: lbyerline@cox.net
You can send funds using a credit card or cash. If you would like to send checks please mail them to the above address and make the check out to Happy Heinys but please make sure the subject is clearly marked as Donation for Orphanages.
All funds collected will solely be used for purchasing of new items and the costs of shipping. Any left over funds will be directly donated to those in need.

Thank you for helping us to carry on our mission to insure that as many babies as possible have dry cloth on their bottoms, clean clothes to wear, and food in their belly.
Linda Byerline CEO
MLB Industries Inc

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stinky diapers?

Are your cloth diapers starting to get stinky? After much use cloth diapers can start to retain the urine smell. There are so many differant opinions on how to handle this problem. What we do when we start to notice that our diapers are not coming out as fresh as they should is run a presoak with baking soda, followed by a cold rinse with white distilled vinegar, a hot wash without detergent, and a second rinse. If the weather is nice out try line drying your diapers in the sun. The sun does a great job of sunning out stains, and freshening up your diapers.

As I noted in prior blogs, if you rinse your diapers off with a diaper sprayer or in your laundry sink after each use before placing them in the diaper pail this will help keep the urine odor from building up.

For us natural ingredients are always the best option and almost always less expensive.

Wishing you a wonderful cloth diapering day! It is still chilly here in Franklin, TN., but we are looking forward to using our laundry line come spring!

Marie Moore Sawyer


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cloth Diapers in Murfreesboro, TN

The Kids Trading Co. 490 St. Andrews Drive #103 Murfreesboro, TN 37128 carries all of our products. Should you wish to order a differant size or color feel free to ask Tanya to take an order for us. The ladies at The Kids Trading Co. are very friendly and helpful. You have not experienced great customer service until you have shoped with them!

If we do not currently carry a product you are looking for let us know. If it is American made we can look into adding it to our inventory. We want to make your cloth diapering experience as easy and successful as possible.

Feel free to call me anytime with any of your cloth diapering questions, or product suggestions. If I don't know the answer right off I will find it for you. Our goal is to get more babies into cloth and to offer the support to the Mommies and Daddies out there who are making the change.

Happy New Year!!

Marie Moore Sawyer (615) 542-4338

Cloth Diapering essentials

Cloth diapering will become second nature once you have your supplies, and schedule set.

I am going to list our supplies that we use and that have made cloth diapering our baby a wonderful experience.

1) 24 pocket diapers (some Knicker Nappies, Happy Heinys, Thirties, prefolds and covers)
We use the prefolds and covers at night. I have found that the Organic velour prefolds by Clover diapers to be very absorbant and an excellent choice for overnight. The Thirsties covers are easy to use while half asleep and contain the moisture well. Clover also carries organic velour fitteds that my husband loves. The pocket diapers are less bulky and easier for out and about changes during the day. Twenty four is a good number to carry us through two days of diapering and doing laundry everyother day.

2) A good diaper friendly detergent. There are so many differing opinions on what to use and what not to use. I say use what works for you and your family. We switched to Planet detergent. We use it on the diapers and family laundry. For an additional list of "suggested" detergents see my old post http://greenpixiebaby.blogspot.com/2009_08_01_archive.html I will say that you should not use bleach or borax. Those are harsh on the diapers and will cause them to break down and leak, and are also harsh on babies bottom.

3) A travel wet bag, and large laundry wet bag. It's best to have a wet bag in your diaper bag for those dirty diapers that tend to happen just as you get to the restaurant or store. The wet bags will contain the mess and odor until you get home to clean up. I also use a large door knob diaper pail for the at home dirty diapers. This keeps the odor down and contains the moisture. I rinse each diaper after use. Even if it's just wet, this keeps the smell down. By rinsing the urine it keeps the urine odor from builing up on my diapers.

4) Flushable liners. While these are not nessasary they are a luxury that we have become accustom to. It makes the poopy diapers a sinch to clean, and since we take our daughter to day care it really helps them too. Just pull out the liner (which is biodegradeable and flushable)and flush it.

5) A diaper sprayer. Also a luxury, but I'm all about making it as easy as possible. Gone are the days of dunking in the toilet, and scrubing with my hands. Who want's to get dirty if they don't have to? The Knicker Nappies diaper sprayer attaches to the back of the toilet, and has great pressure. Simply hold the offending diaper over the toilet and spray the solids off into the toilet. It really is that simple! I do wipe the seat off when done as it tends to get wet from the overspray.

6) Help and support. I have a wonderful husband and family that has been very supportive of our decision to cloth diaper. This business has allowed me to meet other Mommies who cloth diaper and it's nice to have others to share ideas, questions, and support with. I am here to help you too. Even if you don't order your diapers from me, my consultations are always free.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful journey into cloth diapers and green parenting!

Marie Moore Sawyer (615) 542-4338

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