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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Car Seat Safety Boot Camp

Choosing a car seat can be difficult and with so many choices it can feel overwhelming.  Then making sure that the seat is properly installed is nerve wracking!  On April 30th 2013, Safety advocate Courtney Tanguay will help you with this very important issue.  As if her help was not enough to motivate you to attend the Car Seat Safety Boot Camp, USA Baby & Big Kids Too will also be serving breakfast, if you preregister you will get a gift bag, and there will be Door Prizes!! 

Register today at http://usababyfranklin.com/uppababy2013event.php and be sure to tell them Green Pixie Baby sent you.  Also if you are on our Facebook page comment on my post about the Car Seat Safety Boot camp and tell me you've registered.

Regain your peace of mind with the knowledge that your car seat is properly installed. We have no greater blessing than our children.

With the love of cloth diaper fluff and American made stuff,

Marie Strawn
Green Pixie Baby
Franklin, TN

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 in TN

Green Pixie Baby is excited to once again co-host this world wide cloth diaper event.  This year we are partnering with Smile, Mommy Diaper Service! to help spread some cloth diaper love.  We hope you will join us for a cloth diaper swap before the official change time.  The event will be held at the East Nashville Community Center located at 600 Woodland Street  Nashville, TN 37206 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

In 2012, 256 locations in 15 countries held SIMULTANEOUS events to break the world record for the most reusable cloth diapers changes simultaneously. That meant that some events (like in Malaysia) happened at 2am!

In 2013, we will be holding a slightly different event. This year, we will be changing the diapers at 11am LOCAL TIME, so the change will roll around the world. In order to make this event a success and increase awareness of reusable cloth diapers, we need your participation!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Country Save Detergent

We are proud to now carry Country Save Detergent in our retail stores in Franklin, and Murfreesboro, TN  Cloth diaper laundry just got a little easier.  This detergent is also great for people with eczema and other allergies.

Here is some information about Country Save:

Country Save Corp. is a Pacific Northwest company founded in 1977 by Elmer Pearson. Elmer was not only a pretty smart guy out of college with a chemistry degree, he was also a very talented baseball player! In the mid 30's he was hired by The Borden Company to be a bench chemist AND the played second base on the Borden Baseball Team that played other company teams throughout the Midwest in those days preceding and during WWII, and after. As a bench chemist it was Elmer's job to invent new products and it wasn't all that long until he created the first version of that wonderful product we all now know as Elmer's Glue™! While he didn't own the patent on the product personally he felt the personal pride in developing a product that would literally last for generations! That pride was the driving factor in the development of Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent! Elmer passed on back in 1985 but his spirit and determination live with us daily!

Country Save Products Corporation is a privately held Washington State corporation with a minimal number of shareholders. The majority ownership of our company is made up of retired Veterans of the US Armed Forces and our hope is to hire more veterans as we grow. Our main production facility is located in Arlington, WA.

One of the most asked questions we get has to do with buying a detergent for cloth diapers and another for the rest of the family. What a hassle! But NOT with Country Save! One detergent will do the trick for most families that want no detergent residue in their clothes, perfume & dye free, environmentally safe and soft coming out of the dryer!

Stop by and pick up a box at 117 Third Avenue N.  Franklin, TN 37064 and let us know what you think.

Thanks and enjoy a beautiful day,

Marie Strawn
Green Pixie Baby
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