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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diaper Creams with cloth diapers

What diaper creams can I use with my cloth diapers?

Unfortunately we have yet to encounter one single diaper cream we can safely say "across the board" will not cause any problems. Diaper creams work because they cause a barrier against wetness and your baby's skin. This causes problems with cloth diapers because they can adhere to the fabrics and cause a barrier against the diapers absorbing urine. This is referred to as "buildup".

But, there are some ways around this:

What we recommend, is the fleece liner system, or flannel liner if your baby is allergic to fleece, to use any cream you wish with your diapers. We do sell fleece liners, but you can make them for pennies (flannel, too). At your nearest fabric store, get a yard or so of fleece or flannel, and cut into rectangles to fit your diapers. Fleece doesn't need to be sewn on the edges, flannel does because it frays. Make a bunch, about two dozen. Put the cream directly on these liners, or on your baby's skin. don't mix them with the rest of your diaper laundry. Wash seperately from the diapers, so the creams don't rinse off in the wash cycle and adhere to your diapers. I hand wash them in the sink using dawn dish soap and rinsing until the water runs clear and is free of bubbles. You can also rinse with vinegar to sterilize.

After about a week, check the liners. If they are slimy, stained and smelly, continue using this system, or try another cream to test. If they are washing clean, it is safe for your diapers

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