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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cloth Diapering essentials

Cloth diapering will become second nature once you have your supplies, and schedule set.

I am going to list our supplies that we use and that have made cloth diapering our baby a wonderful experience.

1) 24 pocket diapers (some Knicker Nappies, Happy Heinys, Thirties, prefolds and covers)
We use the prefolds and covers at night. I have found that the Organic velour prefolds by Clover diapers to be very absorbant and an excellent choice for overnight. The Thirsties covers are easy to use while half asleep and contain the moisture well. Clover also carries organic velour fitteds that my husband loves. The pocket diapers are less bulky and easier for out and about changes during the day. Twenty four is a good number to carry us through two days of diapering and doing laundry everyother day.

2) A good diaper friendly detergent. There are so many differing opinions on what to use and what not to use. I say use what works for you and your family. We switched to Planet detergent. We use it on the diapers and family laundry. For an additional list of "suggested" detergents see my old post I will say that you should not use bleach or borax. Those are harsh on the diapers and will cause them to break down and leak, and are also harsh on babies bottom.

3) A travel wet bag, and large laundry wet bag. It's best to have a wet bag in your diaper bag for those dirty diapers that tend to happen just as you get to the restaurant or store. The wet bags will contain the mess and odor until you get home to clean up. I also use a large door knob diaper pail for the at home dirty diapers. This keeps the odor down and contains the moisture. I rinse each diaper after use. Even if it's just wet, this keeps the smell down. By rinsing the urine it keeps the urine odor from builing up on my diapers.

4) Flushable liners. While these are not nessasary they are a luxury that we have become accustom to. It makes the poopy diapers a sinch to clean, and since we take our daughter to day care it really helps them too. Just pull out the liner (which is biodegradeable and flushable)and flush it.

5) A diaper sprayer. Also a luxury, but I'm all about making it as easy as possible. Gone are the days of dunking in the toilet, and scrubing with my hands. Who want's to get dirty if they don't have to? The Knicker Nappies diaper sprayer attaches to the back of the toilet, and has great pressure. Simply hold the offending diaper over the toilet and spray the solids off into the toilet. It really is that simple! I do wipe the seat off when done as it tends to get wet from the overspray.

6) Help and support. I have a wonderful husband and family that has been very supportive of our decision to cloth diaper. This business has allowed me to meet other Mommies who cloth diaper and it's nice to have others to share ideas, questions, and support with. I am here to help you too. Even if you don't order your diapers from me, my consultations are always free.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful journey into cloth diapers and green parenting!

Marie Moore Sawyer (615) 542-4338

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