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Monday, February 22, 2010

Why? WHY NOT?!

I have been asked many question, and faced many doubts, but I drudge on. Why?
Why do I care to work full time, run a side business, and promote other peoples business? I do these things because I love my family, because I love our earth, and because I love to help other people do what they love.

I have been asked why I only sell American made diapers. There are so many reasons and I will post a seperate blog about this issue. The main reason is why not? There are hundreds of cloth diapers on the market. Why don't we support our own economy? Why don't we support those companies that employ American citizens? Why would we purchase a product made across the globe, feed another countries economy, and then further damage our earth by having to have those products shipped? Why?

Why do I run a cloth diaper business? Because I feel that I was called to. I believe that I can help other families successfully use cloth diapers. I enjoy talking to others about cloth diapers and I'm still learning. I enjoy listening and learning from other Moms. I am thankful for the friendships I have already made during this journey. I did not start this to get rich! I still work a full time 8-5job to support my side business.

Why don't I have have my own retail space? There are so many reason for not having my own space. Retail space costs tons of money, and time. As it is I am working nonstop to promote cloth diapers. I realized early on that a cloth diaper retail business is more about a passion for cloth diaper advocacy than for profit. Once minimum orders are made, spaces are rented, hours are worked, and taxes are paid there really isn't much left to consider a profit. I have a friend who has her own retail space and she is never home. Her husband and children visit her at the shop. I don't want to do that. My priority is my family. I can help other families and spend time with my family by being inside of other retail locations. The set up I have now is perfect for my family and customers. I have three current locations (with a very exciting one opening soon!), I carry a good selection of cloth diapers and accessories which I am constantly adding to. I don't (or won't) have to work store hours away from my family, and I don't have to pay rediculous lease payments, utilities, and insurance. I am able to pass that savings onto my customers. When you have your own store front I feel you limit yourself. I would only have one location, I couldn't work at the consignment sales, speak at events, or volunteer for community events. I'd be at the store. Now I have multiple locations, my customers have access in three differant counties, and Green Pixie Baby can focus on the Advocacy side.

Why do I promote other businesses? I believe in supporting my friends and community. I have met some great ladies who are also trying to get their business up and running. Why don't we help eachother? Work as a team and promote eachother. I am always open to promoting SAHM or WAHM products. People can come to me and know that I will not steal their ideas or try to compete with them. I want to establish a great network of friends who help eachother. I am a firm believer in Karma. Live by good intentions, and your life will be abundent with friends.

There will always be questions, and there will always be doubts. I am blessed to have a supportive family, a job that provides the income to do what I love, and friends whom I love and amazingly they love me back. I know that the Lord has blessed me and that with him I can say WHY NOT?!

Do you have a product you'd like me to promote? I'd love to help, so send me a note!

Have a great GREEN day!


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