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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Potty training just got easier! We now carry the SuperUndies pull ons, and Pocket Trainers. These undies really are Super! The pull ons have a waterproof outer, and are sleek fitting. The inside of these are buttery soft, with three layers of absorbent microterry. These diapers will allow your child to feel when they have wet, but will protect their clothing when accidents happen.

The Pocket Trainers have the waterproof outer, and soft inside has pockets to add step up inserts. These trainers are perfect for the little ones just starting out. The inserts allow Mom to control the absorbency, and the back release snaps are handy for those Uh oh! moments. These are easy to use, and still have the appearance of big boy or big girl undies.

To clean simply turn them inside out, or unsnap the trainers, and toss in the washing machine and dryer. If your Super Undies do get "dirty", shake the waste off into the toilet and pre-rinse them by themselves prior to laundering.

As with all cloth diapers never use bleach.

Potty training is a whole new adventure. It takes time and dedication from Mommy and Daddy. Make potty time a special event. Pick up some books about potty training that your little one can flip through while sitting on the potty. Give your child praise for being such a good boy or girl. Be sure to take them to the potty every hour to "try" to go potty. Be consistent with praise and potty trips. Potty training truly is a learning experience for parents and children. Every child is different and will react to different methods. Try several methods to see which works best for your family. The key is PATIENCE! It will happen, and then your baby will be all grown up before you know it!

Happy potty training!


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