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Monday, December 21, 2009

Crunchy Clean detergent

I was fortunate enough to meet Ashley the owner of Crunchy clean this past weekend. A lovely lady with a wonderful product. I ordered a large bag of the Tea Tree diaper detergent and so far so good. It left our diapers, clean and fresh smelling. I co-hosted a cloth diaper party yesterday and gave away some free samples of this product to the other cloth diapering mommies and I will anxiously await their reviews.

If you have ever tried the Crunchy Clean detergent I'd love to hear your honest opinion as well. I am considering adding this product to our inventory and want to know what other Moms think of it.

At Green Pixie Baby we are always looking for great natural USA made products to add to our inventory. We want our customers to have access to the best on the market. We know that you deserve the best and those precious babies do to.

This is what Crunchy Clean states about their diapers:

This cloth diaper detergent special blend of naturally occurring minerals, detergents, oxygen releasing agents that have proven to clean diapers in a safe way that does not harm your precious baby or your diapers. It does work to kill bacteria, and works great in any temperature wash and any type of machine. You can use it to soak your diapers to kill germs or get rid of stains as well as wash your diapers regularly.

No optical brighteners, fillers, dyes, or enzymes.
Great for military use!
Clean rinsing - an extra rinse isn't necessary!
No soap to build up in your diapers.
HE compatible.
Great for all of your family's clothing and diapers

Tell us what you think of this product. Should we carry Crunchy Clean??


Marie Moore Sawyer

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  1. Hello! I think Crunchy Clean offers a relatively CD-safe option for your customers who may struggle with "what's the right detergent for me?" I did use Crunchy Clean for about 6 months, my first 6 months of cloth diapering. However, for me it didn't work out. While it got my diapers clean enough and smelled WONDERFUL, it left horrible residue and I started experiencing problems with all of my diapers: pockets, hemp, cotton, etc.

    It may make a difference that I have a front-load HE machine, and maybe it just wasn't efficient at rinsing the CC away, but the residue became a problem and we experienced redness rash from it.

    I am now in the process of another switch because the CD-safe detergent I switched to didn't get the diapers clean enough.

    Should you carry CC in your store? I personally can't recommend it based on my experience, and I know of many others who had a similar experience. It's a smell-great product that might sell well to some CD moms. However, based on things I've read there are a great number of moms who do just fine with Original Tide. This may make it difficult to market this as "special" detergent for diapers.


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