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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

American made products

Since opening Green Pixie Baby last year I have decided to focus on American made products. There are hundreds of cloth diaper companies out there. I don't need or want to sell a hundred differant brands. I want to find and sell the best American made diapers and babycare products on the market. I do have one line that is not made in the USA but will be phasing them out. We will be a 100% American products company. I want to know that the products we sell are held to American standards and regulations. I don't want to have to worry about recalls due to chemical contaminations.

This has led me to revisit my own shopping habits. In looking at my wardrobe and that of my family I came to a sad realization that 98% of our home is foreign made. My outfit today is 100% foreign, socks, shoes, bra, and blouse were made in China, jeans were made in Egypt, panties were made in Bangladesh. Yikes! My new Years resolution will be to make every attempt to buy American made products. I found a great website that promotes USA made products and companies. I'd like to share it with you and challenge you to also buy American. http://www.americansworking.com/index.html

We really need to stop our dependence on these other countries. We need to support American workers, and the American economy. Imagine the fuel we would save from not shipping in from overseas. The jobs we would create if we purchase only American products. Imagine.

I know, I know, this is a cloth diaper blog. Sometimes little things, like diapers can lead us to great things. From changing diapers to changing our shopping habits.

If you know of other great American made cloth diapers that I don't currently carry, please let me know. I will make an attempt to add them to our inventory.

Wishing you all much peace, love, and joy this coming new year.

Marie Moore Sawyer

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