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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going Green in Tennessee

We make every attempt to live a "green" lifestyle. We recycle just about everything, yes even toilet paper rolls. We almost always take our reusable bags with us whenever / wherever we go shopping. Those bags are not just for the grocery store, use them at target, the mall, and the Farmers Market. Going green can be done in baby steps. Here are some easy changes you can make.

1) BYOB - Bring your own bag! Keep one or two in your car so their handy.
2)Phase out your light bulbs as they require replacement go to the energy efficient bulbs.
3) Ask your favorite take out place to switch to cardboard to go boxes instead of Styrofoam
4)buy one rain barrel a year. We found ours at Sam's club for $80! These are simple to install, and are perfect for watering your garden, or indoor plants.
5) Shop at your local Farmers Market. They have a great selection of fresh fruits, veggies, bread, eggs, and meats. It makes for a fun morning outing for the whole family, supports your community, and is a healthier option for you and our planet.
6) Shop local. Buying from local vendors cuts back on fuel emissions required to have items shipped when buying online, supports your local economy,and builds community ties.
7) Buy American made. This will create more jobs for our country while cutting back on fuel to have things imported.
8) I am happy to say that Franklin (and many surrounding cities) now has recycle programs in force, use them! It's easy just drop recyclable items into the blue bag, or recycle bin provided.
9) Have a clothes swap party with your friends. Invite your friends to bring their gently used clothes and make a ladies night out of it. What a great way to visit with friends while picking up some new to you outfits!
10) Use reusable snack bags.
11) Cloth diaper your babies (you saw that coming from me didn't you?). Cloth diapers are the only sustainable option in diapering our children. Reduce, reuse, cloth diaper!
12) Read labels. If it's food and you can't pronounce the ingredients don't buy it. Look for made in the USA products.
13) Buy bamboo products. Bamboo is a quickly grown and requires less water and pesticides to grow. It is friendly to our Earth.
14) Consume less. Think before you buy, do you NEED it, is it recyclable, where was it made, does it serve a true purpose? Mindful shopping will help your wallet, and our planet!

Most of all don't feel overwhelmed. Every little bit helps. If everyone made small changes to our lifestyles we can make the change our Earth needs.

Now I challenge you all to not just talk about it, be about it. Be the change you want to see in our world.

Wishing you a joy filled, green day,

Marie M. Sawyer

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