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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Happy Heiny promise

This is just another reason we are proud to be a Happy Heiny's retailer / customer:

This is from Linda Byerline the Owner of Happy Heiny's

It is our promise to you and to your customers that we will always stand by our products and will always provide the best products possible.

Recently I read where a company was talking about their China made products. It was stated that it was ok to have their products made in China because they have visited the facility and they have full knowledge of how the facility is run, how employees are paid, and how they are treated. It was also stated that none of the other diaper manufacturers can say this, INCLUDING THOSE MADE IN THE USA.
I want to clarify this statement for anyone who has concerns regarding this and I know there are some since I have received the emails asking about it. All of the Happy Heinys products are made in our own facility. Every single product including our microfiber inserts. The only product that is imported is hemp and this is done due to government regulations. Our hemp products are also made in our facility.
We purchased this facility 2 yrs ago and are currently doubling the space size. The facility is 3 minutes away from our home, 5 minutes if you hit every light. My husband and I work at the facility every single day. If a machine decides to have a bad day it is my husband who gets the pleasure of fixing it. Our managing seamstress has sewn Happy Heinys since our very first wholesale order that was shipped to Japan 8-9 yrs ago. She has worked for me exclusively now for 6 yrs. We have a complete team of seamstresses that come to work every day and they do so with the knowledge that if their child has a recital, doctors appt, is sick, or just needs mom they can leave. Most importantly they can leave without losing pay. We have several family members who work for us both as seamstresses and in our packing and shipping department. We have just 3 people who actually do the shipping of products, that is Stacy, Mike (my husband), and myself.
From the day it was obvious we were going to become a larger company it has always been my goal that our company will remain 100% under our control and 100% local. As the kids are getting ready to go back to school and the facility will once again be quieter during the day this remains to be our goal. As we hire more employees I always look first to those in my community that need the jobs.
Yes it is true that our cost of production is easily 3 times the cost of those in different states and 5 times the cost of those in China but at least we have the wonderful feeling that we are providing not only a great product for parents but also a great place of employment for parents.

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